christine's bible study

The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever. Isa 40:8

our day of trumpet blowing

I looked for the new moon of the 7th biblical Monday night, but did not see it. I searched for it last night without seeing it also. I really didn’t expect to see it — with today’s astronomical calculations, we can pinpoint the day it will appear. But we have been instructed to be on the alert and watch for the returning of our King, so I figure it does not hurt to watch and wait. I expect to be able to see it tonight when I look.

That will mean that the Feast of Trumpets is beginning. Our feast dinner is planned, guests are invited … today after work I am cooking and baking. One of my friends asked me yesterday morning what my plans were for celebrating Trumpets. Well, eat, LOL. And when the sun sets, we are going outside to a place where we have a clear view of the western sky, to look for the new moon. When we see it, that is when the celebration begins! We are supposed to blow trumpets in rejoicing, as this day is foreshadowing the return of Jesus Christ and the trumpet blast the angel will blow to announce His coming. I don’t have a trumpet, but I have some Phil Driscoll trumpet music on CD, and I am going to play it – LOUDLY!

I also want to read, or sing, Psa 47:

“God is gone up with a shout! [teruah]
And YHVH with the sound of a trumpet!” Psa 47:5

I don’t know if this one is supposed to be sung, but “teruah” is the same Hebrew word used for “trumpet blowing,” and the psalm is all about the greatness of the Lord, the reigning King, and praising Him with joyful shouting and trumpet blowing. So we are singing it!

We will have our communion, by which we remember Jesus our sin sacrifice, with the bread and the wine. There is also supposed to be a holy convocation, a set apart assembly of the ekklesia, but since there is nothing going on at the church, I just invited as many believers as would come to my house. There will be ten of us. We will come before the Lord in prayer together, and worship Him. We will dedicate ourselves to Him as livingolahs, living sacrifices. Then we will have our dessert and play games until everyone has to go home.

Tomorrow is a sabbath of rest, so Nothing New Press will be closed, and I hope to take the grandkids to the park – it is supposed to be a nice day. And that is how we are planning on celebrating the Feast of Trumpets. I hope your Feast day is likewise blessed!


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