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The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever. Isa 40:8

hebrew index of hebrew roots

ab, father, Strong’s H1
ahab, love, Strong’s H157
asah, do, Strong’s H6213
azar, help meet, helper, Strong’s H5826
ba’al, husband, Strong’s H1166
bachar, chosen, Strong’s H977
cether, secret place, Strong’s H5643
chashaq, desire, Strong’s H2836
chattath, sin, Strong’s H2403
chen, grace, Strong’s H2580
dabaq, cleave, Strong’s H1692
echad, one, united, unity, Strong’s H259
halak, walk, Strong’s H1980
kana, humble, Strong’s H3665
kohen, priest, Strong’s H3548
ma’own, dwelling place, Strong’s H4583
mitsvah, commandment, Strong’s H4687
nasah, tempt, Strong’s H5254
nathan, give, Strong’s H5414
nephilim, giants, Strong’s H5303
oth, mark, Strong’s H226
ruach, Spirit, Strong’s H7307
segullah, special treasure, Strong’s H5459
shabbat, sabbath, Strong’s H7676
shamar, beware, Strong’s H8104
shamar, keep diligently, Strong’s H8104
shaphel, humble, Strong’s H8213
shuv, turn, Strong’s H7725
yadah, teach, Strong’s H3045
yare, fear, Strong’s H3372
yashab, dwells, Strong’s H3427


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