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The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever. Isa 40:8

revelation 10, the second interval period

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We saw that in between the sixth and seventh events in any of the three series of judgments in Revelation, there was an interval period. The interval period usually has to do with events in the spiritual world, which are mirrored in the natural world. We have already discussed the first interval period, between the sixth and seventh seals. Now as we begin Rev 10, we are coming to the interval period between the sixth and seventh trumpets.

But first a few points to clear up. We saw that just as the fifth trumpet was the same as the first woe, the sixth trumpet was the same as the second woe. However, John tells us that the second woe is not past until Rev 11:14. Immediately following that, the seventh angel blows the seventh trumpet, in Rev 11:15. Now the sixth trumpet has already been blown; the Turks have advanced beyond the Euphrates, and Constantinople has fallen in the exact number of years predicted by the prophecy. So when does the sixth trumpet conclude, and the second interval period begin?

I believe that the second interval period is described in Rev 10 and 11, and begins immediately on the heels of the Fall of Constantinople. The second interval period ends at the same time that the second woe passes, in Rev 11:14.

We will see that the second interval and the continuation of the second woe (which was begun when the sixth trumpet was blown) take place at the same time, even though the sixth trumpet ends with the Fall of Constantinople.

Continued in revelation 10, the little scroll


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