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The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever. Isa 40:8

for your reading pleasure while traveling

I am spending the day traveling today, in airports and on airplanes, to get home by 6 pm this evening. I do not like traveling alone (so if you think of me, pray for me today!) but I do take comfort in the fact that I am never alone, and that My Lord and Savior will be with me today (Mat 28:20).

These links are to past posts which explain why I follow Torah laws such as the distinction between clean or unclean food, and Sabbath keeping. There is a great misunderstanding in the church today on the scriptural and biblical instruction about the role of commandments in the life of a Christian, and I pray the following will clearly present my understanding of the matter.

NO MAN CAN BE SAVED BY OBEDIENCE TO COMMANDMENTS, but only by grace through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ! I firmly believe that. Please keep that in mind, as you read the the wisdom of our Heavenly Father who loves us, who is smarter than we are, in giving His beloved children teaching and instruction in the form of commandments, on what actions will hurt them, and what actions will help and bless them.

clean and unclean food, leviticus 11

sabbath rest:
why I began celebrating the seventh day sabbath
the Lord of the sabbath, mark 2
what is lawful on the sabbath, mark 3

torah in proper perspective:
the righteousness that is of faith
the righteousness that is of faith, part two
God’s word gives life to those who find it
written on hearts instead of stone
law or torah?

Jesus’ teaching on the Law in the Sermon on the Mount:
the law and prophets fulfilled, matthew 5
chiastic structure of the sermon on the mount, matthew 5-7
judge not, matthew 7
just measures, matthew 7
planks and specks, matthew 7
saying, ‘Lord, Lord,’ matthew 7

There are many places in the New Testament where obedience to commandments seems to be condemned. This is hard to reconcile with Jesus’ clear statement in Mat 5:17-19. Please see the Bible study notes by book and find the book and chapter under question for my notes on the subject.


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