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The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever. Isa 40:8

psalm 69

Read Psalm 69 at Bible Gateway.

This psalm forms a chiastic structure:

Psa 69:1-36
1a) Psa 69:1-2, Plea for salvation;
1b) Psa 69:3, I am weary with my crying;
1c) Psa 69:4, They are mighty who would destroy me;
1d) Psa 69:5-6, My own foolishness, shame, and reproach;
1e) Psa 69:7-12, For Your sake I have borne reproach (messianic);
1f) Psa 69:13, Hear my prayer in the multitude of Your mercy;
central axis) Psa 69:14-15, “Deliver me out of the mire, and let me not sink; Let me be delivered from those who hate me; And out of the deep waters. Let not the floodwater overflow me, nor let the deep swallow me up; And let not the pit shut its mouth on me;”
2f) Psa 69:16-18, Hear me and turn to me in the multitude of Your mercy;
2e) Psa 69:19-21, You know my reproach, shame, and dishonor (messianic);
2d) Psa 69:22-28, The LORD brings enemies and adversaries to shame and reproach;
2c) Psa 69:29-32, The LORD is mighty who saves me;
2b) Psa 69:33, The LORD hears and does not despise the crying of the poor;
2a) Psa 69:34-36, Praise for salvation.

I am struck today with the contrast between the front half and the structure and the back half.

1) I need saving, and have made myself sick of myself with my crying because of it. The LORD provides salvation and does not despise me for my crying.

2) My enemies are mighty who would destroy me, but the LORD is mighty who would save me. He is MIGHTIER, in fact! He has proved to be mightier than Pharaoh when he enslaved Israel. He has proved to be mightier than Amalek, Haman, and the entire kingdom of Persia. He will again prove Himself to be mightier than Iran and even the nuclear weapons of madmen.

3) I sorrow over my shame and reproach that has come upon me, and I intercede for the LORD’s people, that they do not suffer because of me; but the LORD brings sorrow, shame and reproach upon my adversaries who are seeking to put me to shame.

4) The E pair is messianic, both sides, and prophetic of the shame and reproach the Messiah bore for our sakes.

5) Now, the heart of the structure: we might start out in trouble, shame and reproach; but because of the LORD’s mercy He turns to us in our distress, and pulls us out of the mire and out of the floodwaters. HE SAVES US in our trouble and in our distress! NOT because we have earned His regard, but because His ear is open to the brokenhearted and extends mercy to His oppressed ones!


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