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The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever. Isa 40:8

the torah cycle, links and teachings

In the past year I followed the annual Torah cycle readings. According to the annual cycle, today we are reading parashah noach (noah), Gen 6:9-11:32. Here is the link to my commentary and chiastic structures concerning it.

Pearls from the Torah (Nehemiah Gordon and Keith Johnson), Noach, Gen 6:9-11:32
Pearls from the Hafterah (NG and KJ), For Noach: Isa 54:1-55:5
Restoration of Torah, Noach, Gen 6:9-11:32 (pdf)

Friends are reading the Triennial cycle, a three year Torah reading cycle, which they began over again last week. According to their triennial cycle schedule, today they are reading parashah elleh toldot (these are the generations), Gen 2:4-3:24. Here is the link to my commentary concerning it.

However, one of the beauties of the triennial Torah cycle is that it follows the Lord’s festival schedule, which begins in the spring with the month of Aviv, ripening barley. The events of Torah, when they are read according to a triennial cycle which begins in the first month of the year that God established, the month of ripening barley, in fact reveal the Lord’s festivals and moedim or appointments with man! That would mean that we should be beginning Genesis six months from now!

What do we do in the mean time? I am continuing my work on the outlines and chiastic structures of Genesis and Torah. These cannot be discovered and discerned in one hour, one day, or one year. I will continue to link to both annual and triennial Torah commentaries for my friends. And I am writing new commentaries on both annual and triennial Torah portions as the Lord continues to give me fresh insights. The new commentaries will be posted here over the course of the weekend and linked in our studies by book indexes.


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