christine's bible study

The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever. Isa 40:8

genesis 1:1-6:8, bereisheet “in the beginning” index

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

Genesis 1:1

genesis 1:1-6:8, annual parashah bereisheet, “in the beginning”

gen 1:1-6:8, bereisheet chiastic structure; elohiym creator and father 2013 sep 28
gen 1:1-6:8, teaching tool of hebrew paragraph divisions, chiastic structure 2012 nov 05
gen 1:1-6:8, bereisheet chiastic structure bookends 2011 oct 22

genesis 1:1-2:3, triennial parashah bereisheet, “in the beginning”

gen 1:1-2:3, according to its kind 2013 mar 16
gen 1:1-2:3, chiastic structure 2012 oct 13
gen 1:1, hebrew root meaning of elohiym “God” 2011 jan 01
gen 1:1-2:3, teaching tools of torah and paragraph divisions 2010 mar 20

genesis 2:4-3:24, triennial parashah toledoth, “generations”

2012 oct 22 three chiastic structures
2012 oct 20 curse or consequences, the curse on man and woman
2011 jan 02 beware of deviations from the word of God
2010 mar 27 teaching tools, paragraph divisions, difference between gen 1 and 2, “painful toil”

genesis 4:1-26, triennial parashah va’adam yada, “and the man knew”

2012 nov 06 gen 4:3-7, the power of a choice
2012 oct 23 chiastic structure, parenting to foster excellence, vengeance, history
2011 jan 02, gen 4, finding Messiah
2010 apr 03 teaching tools of torah, death and exile, hebrew root meaning of chattath “sin”

genesis 5:1-6:8, triennial parashah sefer toldot, “the book of the generations”

2012 oct 24 chiastic structure, methuselah longest- lived
2011 jan 03 teaching tool of torah: pattern and breaks in pattern (enoch)
2010 apr 10 teaching tool of common themes
2010 apr 10 gen 5:1-5, the mortality of adam
2010 apr 11 gen 5:21-24, enoch walked with God, hebrew root meaning of halak “walk”
2010 apr 10 gen 5:32-6:4, the nephilim, chiastic structure
2010 apr 10 gen 6:5-8, “I will blot out man,” chiastic structure, hebrew root meaning of chen “grace”


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