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The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever. Isa 40:8


Genesis index of studies

All of the Bible study notes are posted under their respective Torah portion. If you are looking for studies on the annual cycle bereisheet (Gen 1:1-6:8), then click on the first link. If you are looking for studies on the triennial cycle sefer toldot (Gen 5:1-6:8), then click on the first link. If you are looking for studies on a passage in Gen 2, then also click on the first link. Each link goes to a more detailed index.

teaching tools of scripture
outline of genesis according to its hebrew paragraph divisions

genesis 1:1-6:8, annual cycle bereisheet, “in the beginning”

genesis 1:1-2:3, triennial cycle bereisheet, “in the beginning”
genesis 2:4-3:24, triennial cycle toledoth, “generations”
genesis 4:1-26, triennial cycle va’adam yada, “and the man knew”
genesis 5:1-6:8, triennial cycle sefer toldot, “the book of the generations”

genesis 6:9-11:32, annual cycle noach, “noah”

genesis 6:9-8:14, triennial cycle noach, “noah”
genesis 8:15-9:17, triennial cycle tze min hatvah, “go out from the ark”
genesis 9:18-10:32, triennial cycle vayikyu ben noach, “and the sons of noah”
genesis 11:1-32, triennial cycle vayhee chal haaretz, “and the whole earth”

genesis 12:1-17:27, annual cycle lech lecha, “go forth from”

genesis 12:1-13:18, triennial cycle lech lecha, “go forth from”
genesis 14:1-24, triennial cycle amraphel, “amraphel”
genesis 15:1-21, triennial cycle b’mecheza, “in a vision to say”
genesis 16:1-16, triennial cycle sarai eshshet, “sarai his wife”
genesis 17:1-27, triennial cycle vayhee avram, “when abram”

genesis 18:1-22:24, annual cycle veyeira, “and he appeared”

genesis 18:1-33, triennial cycle vayeira, “and he appeared”
genesis 19:1-38, triennial cycle vayabou sheni, “then came the two”
genesis 20:1-18, triennial cycle vayisa misham, “he journeyed from there”
genesis 21:1-34, triennial cycle v’yehovah paqad, “yehovah had visited”
genesis 22:1-24, triennial cycle vayhee nisah, “after these things”

genesis 23:1-25:18, annual cycle chayei sarah “the life of sarah”

genesis 23:1-20, triennial cycle chayei sarah, “the life of sarah”
genesis 24:1-41, triennial cycle v’avraham zaqen, “now abraham was old”
genesis 24:42-67, triennial cycle v’avo hayom, “so I came this day”
genesis 25:1-18, triennial cycle v’yasaf avraham, “so abraham again”

genesis 25:19-28:9, annual cycle toledoth, “generations”

genesis 25:19-26:11, triennial cycle toledoth, “generations”
genesis 26:12-35, triennial cycle vayizra yitschak, “and isaac sowed”
genesis 27:1-29, triennial cycle zaqen yitschak, “isaac had become old”
genesis 27:30-28:9, triennial cycle yitschak barach, “isaac had blessed”

genesis 28:10-32:2, annual cycle vayetze, “and he left”

genesis 28:10-29:30, triennial cycle vayetze, “and he left”
genesis 29:31-30:20, triennial cycle vayara yehovah, “yehovah saw”
genesis 30:21-31:2, triennial cycle vayizchar elohiym, “elohiym remembered”
genesis 31:3-32:2, triennial cycle shuv el-eretz, “return to the land”

genesis 32:3-36:43, annual cycle vayishlach, “and he sent”

genesis 32:3-33:17, triennial cycle vayishlach, “and he sent”
genesis 33:18-35:8, triennial cycle vayavo, “and he arrived”
genesis 35:9-36:43, triennial cycle vayrah elohiym el, “and elohiym appeared”

genesis 37:1-40:23, annual cycle vayeshev, “and he dwelt”

genesis 37:1-36, triennial cycle vayeshev, “and he dwelt”
genesis 38:1-30, triennial cycle vayered yehudah, “and judah departed”
genesis 39:1-23, triennial cycle vayosheph, “now joseph”
genesis 40:1-23, triennial cycle chateu, “they offended”

genesis 41:1-44:17, annual parashah miketz, at the end”

genesis 41:1-37, triennial cycle miketz, “at the end”
genesis 41:38-42:17, triennial cycle hanimtza, “can we find”
genesis 42:18-43:23, triennial cycle vayomer eleichem, “he said to them”
genesis 43:24-44:17, triennial cycle vayavei ha-ish, “then the man brought”

genesis 44:18-47:27, annual parashah vayigash, “and he drew near”

genesis 44:18-46:27, triennial cycle vayigash, “and he drew near”
genesis 46:28-47:27, triennial cycle yehudah shalach, “he sent judah”

genesis 47:28-50:26, annual parashah vayechi, “and he lived”

genesis 47:28-48:22, triennial cycle vayechi, “and he lived”
genesis 49:1-27, triennial cycle vayiqra yaacov, “then jacob summoned”
genesis 49:28-50:26, triennial cycle shivtey yisrael, “the tribes of israel”


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