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The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever. Isa 40:8

outline of genesis according to its hebrew paragraph divisions

There are two kinds of paragraph divisions in the Hebrew text given by the inspiration of the Spirit. A p’tuchah marker {p} is a strong division and indicates completion of a topic or theme. A stumah marker {s} is a weak division and indicates a new facet of the same topic or theme. The Hebrew Bible in English includes the paragraph divisions which the English translators have discarded.

The topic sentences following the divisions are my own; your study may come up with something different.

Gen 1:1-5 {p} First day of Creation

Gen 1:6-8 {p} Second day of Creation

Gen 1:9-13 {p} Third day of Creation

Gen 1:14-19 {p} Fourth day of Creation

Gen 1:20-23 {p} Fifth day of Creation

Gen 1:24-31 {p} Sixth day of Creation

Gen 2:1-3 {p} Seventh day of Creation

Gen 2:4-3:15 {s} Disobedience to YHVH’s command is sin
Gen 3:16 {s} Consequences for the woman (painful toil)
Gen 3:17-21 {p} Consequences for the man (painful toil)

Gen 3:22-24 {s} Exile from YHVH’s presence is a consequence of sin
Gen 4:1-26 {s} Exile from family is the consequence of sin
Gen 5:1-5 {s} Mortality of Adam
Gen 5:6-8 {s} Mortality of Seth
Gen 5:9-11 {s} Mortality of Enosh
Gen 5:12-14 {s} Mortality of Kenan
Gen 5:15-17 {s} Mortality of Mahalalel
Gen 5:18-20 {s} Mortality of Jared
Gen 5:21-24 {s} Enoch walked with God and did not die
Gen 5:25-27 {s} Mortality of Methuselah
Gen 5:28-31 {s} Mortality of Lamech
Gen 5:32-6:4 {p} Holy Spirit will not strive with flesh forever

Gen 6:5-8 {p} Exile is a consequence of sin, but Noah found grace in the eyes of YHVH

Gen 6:9-12 {s} Contrast righteous Noah/ corrupt earth
Gen 6:13-8:14 {s} Righteous preserved through the judgment of the wicked
Gen 8:15-9:7 {s} Blessing on the righteous, be fruitful and multiply
Gen 9:8-17 {p} Elohiym’s everlasting covenant with the earth

Gen 9:18-29 {p} Shem and Japheth blessed/ Canaan cursed

Gen 10:1-14 {s} The sons of Japheth and Ham
Gen 10:15-20 {s} The sons of Canaan
Gen 10:21-32 {p} The sons of Shem

Gen 11:1-9 {p} The tower of Babel rebellion against God

Gen 11:10-11 {s} Shem the father of Arphaxad
Gen 11:12-13 {s} Arphaxad the father of Shelah
Gen 11:14-15 {s} Shelah the father of Eber
Gen 11:16-17 {s} Eber the father of Peleg
Gen 11:18-19 {s} Peleg the father of Reu
Gen 11:20-21 {s} Reu the father of Serug
Gen 11:22-23 {s} Serug the father of Nahor
Gen 11:24-25 {s} Nahor the father of Terah
Gen 11:26-32 {p} Terah the father of Abram, Nahor, and Haran

Gen 12:1-9 {p} Promise of land and descendants

Gen 12:10-13:18 {p} Abram’s faith in the promise tested + promise reaffirmed

Gen 14:1-24 {s} Signs of Messiah: victory over death, Melchizedek, bread and wine
Gen 15:1-21 {s} Promise reaffirmed by covenant
Gen 16:1-16 {s} Abram’s faith in the promise tested (Ishmael)
Gen 17:1-14 {s} Circumcision, sign of the covenant, given
Gen 17:15-27 {p} Promised seed through Sarah (Isaac)

Gen 18:1-19:38 {s} Abraham’s intercession and the overthrow of Sodom and Gomorrah
Gen 20:1-18 {s} Abimelech takes but then restores Sarah, Abraham’s wife
Gen 21:1-21 {p} Isaac becomes Abraham’s heir when he is weaned

Gen 21:22-34 {p} Abimelech and Abraham make a covenant of peace

Gen 22:1-19 {p} Abraham and the offering of Isaac

Gen 22:20-24 {p} The seed of Nahor

Gen 23:1-20 {s} Heth gives Abraham a possession in Canaan
Gen 24:1-67 {p} The servant finds a bride for Isaac, the promised seed

Gen 25:1-11 {p} The seed of Abraham

Gen 25:12-18 {p} The seed of Ishmael

Gen 25:19-34 {p} The seed of Isaac

Gen 26:1-33 {s} Life of Isaac repeats events from the life of Abraham
Gen 26:34-35 {s} Esau’s wives
Gen 27:1-28:9 {s} Jacob receives the blessing + Jacob’s wife (Life of Jacob repeats events from the life of Isaac)
Gen 28:10-32:2 {p} God fulfills His promise to Jacob

Gen 32:3-33:17 {s} Jacob renamed Israel, “Upright of El”
Gen 33:18-20 {s} Jacob acquires property in Canaan + altar of Elohiym
Gen 34:1-31 {p} Defilement with Canaanites + killing/ plunder + rebuke

Gen 35:1-8 {p} Repentance and return to the house of God (Bethel)

Gen 35:9-22 {p} Renewal of the covenant

Gen 35:23-29 {p} The seed of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob

Gen 36:1-19 {s} The seed of Esau
Gen 36:20-30 {s} The seed of Seir
Gen 36:31-43 {s} The kings of Edom

Gen 37:1-36 {p} Joseph’s advancement and enslavement

Gen 38:1-30 {s} Judah departed from his brothers among Canaanites
Gen 39:1-23 {p} Joseph departed from his brothers among Egyptians

Gen 40:1-23 {p} Joseph in prison

Gen 41:1-44:17 {s} Joseph the overseer
Gen 44:18-46:7 {s} Joseph revealed to his brothers and father
Gen 46:8-27 {s} Seventy persons of Israel went down to Egypt
Gen 46:28-47:27 {p} Joseph the provider

Gen 47:28-31 {p} Jacob’s request to be buried in Canaan

Gen 48:1-22 {p} Jacob blesses Ephraim and Manasseh

Gen 49:1-4 {p} Reuben’s blessing

Gen 49:5-7 {p} Simeon and Levi’s blessing

Gen 49:8-12 {p} Judah’s blessing

Gen 49:13 {p} Zebulun’s blessing

Gen 49:14-15 {s} Issachar’s blessing
Gen 49:16-17 {s} Dan’s blessing
Gen 49:18 {s} “I have waited for your salvation, O YHVH!”
Gen 49:19 {s} Gad’s blessing
Gen 49:20 {s} Asher’s blessing
Gen 49:21 {s} Naphtali’s blessing
Gen 49:22-26 {p} Joseph’s blessing

Gen 49:27-50:26 {p} Benjamin’s blessing + death, burial of Jacob + death of Joseph


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