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The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever. Isa 40:8

outline of deuteronomy according to its hebrew paragraph divisions

There are two kinds of paragraph divisions in the Hebrew text given by the inspiration of the Spirit. A p’tuchah marker {p} is a strong division and indicates completion of a topic or theme. A stumah marker {s} is a weak division and indicates a new facet of the same topic or theme. The Hebrew Bible in English includes the paragraph divisions which the English translators have discarded.

The topic sentences following the divisions are my own; your study may come up with something different.

Deu 1:1-2:1 {s} The failure of the unbelieving generation to possess the land
Deu 2:2-8a {s} Pass by the possession of Esau
Deu 2:8b-16 {s} Pass by the possession of Moab
Deu 2:17-30 {s} Pass by the possession of Ammon + possess the possession of Sihon
Deu 2:31-3:22 {s} YHVH gave the kingdoms of the Amorites to Israel as a possession
Deu 3:23-29 {p} Joshua shall cross and cause Israel to inherit their possession

Deu 4:1-24 {p} Remember Sinai and the Ten Commandments

Deu 4:25-40 {p} That Israel might know that YHVH is God and there is no other

Deu 4:41-49 {p} Cities of refuge + this is the law

Deu 5:1-5 {s} These statutes and judgments are the terms of Israel’s covenant with YHVH
Deu 5:6-10 {s} YHVH alone is God + do not make idols to worship
Deu 5:11 {s} Do not take the name of YHVH in vain
Deu 5:12-15 {s} Observe the Sabbath day to keep it holy
Deu 5:16 {s} Honor your father and mother
Deu 5:17 {s} Do not murder
Deu 5:18 {s} Do not commit adultery
Deu 5:19 {s} Do not steal
Deu 5:20 {s} Do not bear false witness
Deu 5:21a {s} Do not covet your neighbor’s wife
Deu 5:21b {s} Do not covet anything that is your neighbor’s
Deu 5:22-6:3 {p} YHVH’s voice spoke these commandments + hear + pay heed + observe

Deu 6:4-9 {s} Listen to YHVH’s commandments
Deu 6:10-15 {s} Pay careful heed to YHVH’s commandments
Deu 6:16-19 {s} Observe YHVH’s commandments
Deu 6:20-25 {s} Teach YHVH’s commandments to your children
Deu 7:1-11 {p} YHVH has set His love upon Israel

Deu 7:12-16 {s} Obedience to YHVH’s commandments = life and blessing for Israel
Deu 7:17-26 {p} Disobedience to YHVH = death and destruction for the nations

Deu 8:1-18 {p} Remember YHVH, obey Him, and live

Deu 8:19-20 {p} Forget YHVH, disobey Him, and die

Deu 9:1-29 {p} Israel cannot enter the Land by self- righteousness

Deu 10:1-11 {p} Israel enters the Land by the mediator of the covenant

Deu 10:12-11:9 {s} Fear, love and obey YHVH always for our good
Deu 11:10-12 {s} The goodness of the Land
Deu 11:13-21 {s} Listen, pay heed, observe, and teach YHVH’s commandments
Deu 11:22-25 {s} Carefully keep His commandments that Israel may possess the Land
Deu 11:26-28 {s} Blessing for obedience + curse for disobedience
Deu 11:29-12:19 {s} Israel shall worship YHVH in the way He commands
Deu 12:20-28 {s} Ditto, even when you must travel some distance to the LORD’s place
Deu 12:29-32 {p} Israel shall not serve YHVH in the manner of the nations

Deu 13:1-5 {s} Death for the prophet who tries to turn Israel from YHVH
Deu 13:6-11 {s} Death for the loved one who tries to turn Israel from YHVH
Deu 13:12-18 {s} Death for the city in Israel who turns from YHVH
Deu 14:1-2 {s} Do not mourn for the dead in the manner of the nations
Deu 14:3-8 {s} Do not eat unclean animals
Deu 14:9-10 {s} Do not eat unclean sea creatures
Deu 14:11-21 {p} Do not eat unclean flying things + do not boil a kid in its mother’s milk

Deu 14:22-27 {s} Annual tithe is YHVH’s
Deu 14:28-29 {s} Tithe of the third year is YHVH’s
Deu 15:1-6 {s} Seventh (Sabbath) year release of debts
Deu 15:7-11 {s} Lend generously to the poor even when the Sabbath year approaches
Deu 15:12-18 {p} Seventh (Sabbath) year release of servants

Deu 15:19-23 {p} Firstborn are holy to YHVH

Deu 16:1-8 {s} Passover is holy to YHVH
Deu 16:9-12 {p} Weeks is holy to YHVH

Deu 16:13-17 {s} Tabernacles is holy to YHVH
Deu 16:18-20 {s} Injustice is detestable to YHVH
Deu 16:21-22 {s} Idolatrous groves and pillars are detestable to YHVH
Deu 17:1 {s} Blemished sacrifices are detestable to YHVH
Deu 17:2-7 {p} Idolaters are detestable to YHVH

Deu 17:8-13 {s} Authority of the priest and judge
Deu 17:14-20 {s} Authority of the king
Deu 18:1-2 {s} Authority of the Levites
Deu 18:3-5 {s} What is due the Levites
Deu 18:6-8 {s} Equal shares for Levites
Deu 18:9-22 {s} Authority of the prophet
Deu 19:1-10 {p} Three cities of refuge (manslaughter is not murder)

Deu 19:11-13 {s} The murderer shall not find refuge
Deu 19:14 {s} Do not remove or change boundaries (cities of refuge)
Deu 19:15-21 {s} Justice in the case of false witnesses (bearing false witness to cause a sentence of death is murder)
Deu 20:1-9 {s} Who shall serve in the army (do not murder by warfare)
Deu 20:10-18 {s} Waging just warfare (waging war unjustly is murder)
Deu 20:19-20 {p} Do not destroy fruit trees in warfare (causing famine is murder)

Deu 21:1-9 {s} Unsolved murder + atonement for bloodshed
Deu 21:10-14 {s} Treatment of the captive woman (sanctity of marital intimacy)
Deu 21:15-17 {s} Do not reject the legitimate firstborn (do not defile next generation)
Deu 21:18-21 {s} Treatment of the rebellious son (do not defile the next generation)
Deu 21:22-23 {s} Treatment of the executed criminal (do not defile the land)
Deu 22:1-3 {s} Treatment of a neighbor’s lost animals
Deu 22:4 {s} Treatment of a neighbor’s burdened animals
Deu 22:5 {s} Sanctity of gender distinction
Deu 22:6-7 {s} Treatment of a mother bird
Deu 22:8-9 {s} Preventing bloodguilt and defilement
Deu 22:10-11 {s} Prohibition of unlike mixtures
Deu 22:12 {s} You shall wear tzitzit on the four corners of your clothing
Deu 22:13-19 {s} Justice for the pure bride
Deu 22:20-21 {s} Justice for the impure bride
Deu 22:22 {s} Justice for the adulterous wife
Deu 22:23-24 {s} Justice for the betrothed virgin in the city
Deu 22:25-27 {s} Justice for the betrothed virgin in the country
Deu 22:28-29 {s} Justice for the unbetrothed virgin
Deu 22:30 {s} Unlawful unions prohibited
Deu 23:1 {s} Assembly membership prohibited (inability to produce seed)
Deu 23:2 {s} Assembly membership prohibited to 10th generation (seed of unlawful unions)
Deu 23:3-6 {s} Assembly membership prohibited to 10th generation (Ammon + Moab)
Deu 23:7-8 {s} Assembly membership allowed in 3rd generation (Edom + Egypt)
Deu 23:9-14 {s} Holiness in the army camp
Deu 23:15-16 {s} An escaped slave shall not be returned to his master
Deu 23:17-18 {s} Wages of a harlot + price of a dog shall not be offered to YHVH
Deu 23:19-20 {s} Do not steal by means of interest on loans
Deu 23:21-23 {s} Pay vows to YHVH
Deu 23:24 {s} Do not harvest your neighbor’s vineyard
Deu 23:25 {s} Do not harvest your neighbor’s standing grain
Deu 24:1-4 {s} Divorce and remarriage
Deu 24:5-6 {s} Do not steal the happiness of your wife + the life of the family
Deu 24:7 {s} Theft of persons a capital offense punishable by death
Deu 24:8-9 {s} Tzaraas, or the evil tongue
Deu 24:10-13 {s} Do not covet the pledge
Deu 24:14-15 {s} Do not covet the wages of your hired men
Deu 24:16 {s} Do not covet revenge so that you put to death the innocent for the guilty
Deu 24:17-18 {s} Do not covet the pledge that belongs to the poor
Deu 24:19 {s} Do not covet the grain that is for the poor
Deu 24:20-22 {s} Do not covet the fruit that is for the poor
Deu 25:1-4 {s} Do not withhold what is justly due the wicked or the ox
Deu 25:5-10 {s} Do not withhold seed that is justly due the dead brother
Deu 25:11-12 {s} Do not withhold just punishment
Deu 25:13-16 {p} Do not covet gain from unjust weights or measures

Deu 25:17-19 {p} Do not withhold what is justly due to Amalek

Deu 26:1-11 {s} Do not withhold the firstfruits that are justly due
Deu 26:12-15 {s} Do not withhold the tithe of the 3rd year that is justly due
Deu 26:16-19 {p} Conclusion: walk in them + YHVH is your God; you are His people

Deu 27:1-8 {s} Write this law at the entrance to the Land
Deu 27:9-10 {s} Take heed, listen, and observe His commandments
Deu 27:11-14 {s} Bless on Mount Gerizim, curse on Mount Ebal
Deu 27:15 {s} Cursed is he who makes an image as an idol
Deu 27:16 {s} Cursed is he who treats father or mother with contempt
Deu 27:17 {s} Cursed is he who moves a boundary stone
Deu 27:18 {s} Cursed is he who leads the blind off the road
Deu 27:19 {s} Cursed is he who perverts justice due to stranger, fatherless, or widow
Deu 27:20 {s} Cursed is he who lies with father’s wife
Deu 27:21 {s} Cursed is he who lies with an animal
Deu 27:22 {s} Cursed is he who lies with his sister
Deu 27:23 {s} Cursed is he who lies with his mother in law
Deu 27:24 {s} Cursed is he who attacks his neighbor secretly
Deu 27:25 {s} Cursed is he who slays the innocent for a bribe
Deu 27:26 {p} Cursed is he who does not conform to all the words of this law

Deu 28:1-14 {p} Blessings which follow obedience

Deu 28:15-68 {s} Curses which follow disobedience
Deu 29:1 {p} These are the words of the covenant

Deu 29:2-9 {p} Keep the words of this covenant for God can remove people from their land

Deu 29:10-29 {s} Do not forsake this covenant for Israel will be uprooted from this land
Deu 30:1-10 {s} Repentance, obedience, return, and blessing
Deu 30:11-14 {s} Not hidden or far off, but very near that we may do it
Deu 30:15-20 {p} Israel may choose life or death, blessing or cursing

Deu 31:1-6 {s} Moses will not cross over the Jordan, but the Lord God will cross over with Israel
Deu 31:7-13 {p} Joshua to lead Israel + Israel to not forget or forsake the Law

Deu 31:14-30 {p} Joshua inaugurated + the coming apostasy of Israel

Deu 32:1-43 {p} The song of Moses

Deu 32:44-47 {p}

Deu 32:48-52 {p}

Deu 33:1-6 {s} The giving of the Torah + the blessing on Reuben
Deu 33:7 {p} The blessing on Judah

Deu 33:8-11 {s} The blessing on Levi
Deu 33:12 {s} The blessing on Benjamin
Deu 33:13-17 {s} The blessing on Joseph (Ephraim and Manasseh)
Deu 33:18-19 {s} The blessing on Zebulun and Issachar
Deu 33:20-21 {s} The blessing on Gad
Deu 33:22-23 {s} The blessing on Dan and Naphtali
Deu 33:24-29 {s} The blessing on Asher + the excellency of God
Deu 34:1-12 {p} The death of Moses the servant of the Lord + Joshua and a prophet like Moses


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