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The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever. Isa 40:8

outline of exodus according to its hebrew paragraph divisions

There are two kinds of paragraph divisions in the Hebrew text given by the inspiration of the Spirit. A p’tuchah marker {p} is a strong division and indicates completion of a topic or theme. A stumah marker {s} is a weak division and indicates a new facet of the same topic or theme. The Hebrew Bible in English includes the paragraph divisions which the English translators have discarded.

The topic sentences following the divisions are my own; your study may come up with something different.

Exo 1:1-7 {p} The increase of the children of Israel
Exo 1:8-22 {p} Pharaoh tries to stop their increase
Exo 2:1-22 {p} Moses, born to be Israel’s deliverer

Exo 2:23-25 {s} God acknowledged the children of Israel
Exo 3:1-4:17 {p} Call of Moses: words of the LORD + signs of the LORD

Exo 4:18-26 {p} Return to Egypt with authority (rod of God) + obedience (circumcision)

Exo 4:27-6:1 {s} Pharaoh’s response to Moses and the children of Israel
Exo 6:2-9 {p} YHVH to reveal the meaning of His name by redeeming Israel from Egypt

Exo 6:10-12 {p} Speak to Pharaoh + How shall he heed me? (Moses’ question)

Exo 6:13 {s} YHVH commanded Israel and Pharaoh, through Moses and Aaron
Exo 6:14-28 {s} Moses and Aaron the seed of Levi
Exo 6:29-30 {p} I am YHVH (YHVH’s answer)

Exo 7:1-7 {p} Moses to tell the word of the LORD to Pharaoh + Pharaoh will not heed

Exo 7:8-13 {s} Aaron’s rod becomes a serpent + magicians’ rods become serpents
Exo 7:14-18 {s} Warning re: the river will become blood
Exo 7:19-25 {p} The river becomes blood + magicians did also

Exo 8:1-15 {s} The plague of frogs + magicians did also
Exo 8:16-19 {s} The plague of lice + magicians could not do also
Exo 8:20-32 {p} The plague of flies + no flies in Goshen

Exo 9:1-7 {p} The plague of pestilence on the cattle

Exo 9:8-12 {s} The plague of boils
Exo 9:13-21 {p} Warning re: the plague of hail

Exo 9:22-35 {p} The plague of hail

Exo 10:1-11 {s} warning re: plague of locusts
Exo 10:12-20 {p} plague of locusts

Exo 10:21-29 {p} The plague of darkness

Exo 11:1-3 {s} One final plague + favor in the sight of the Egyptians
Exo 11:4-8 {s} One final plague + distinction between Israel
Exo 11:9-10 {s} Pharaoh will/ did not heed + wonders multiplied in Egypt
Exo 12:1-20 {p} Passover + Unleavened Bread instruction

Exo 12:21-28 {s} Israel observed the Passover as YHVH had commanded Moses
Exo 12:29-36 {p} Final plague: death of the firstborn

Exo 12:37-42 {p} Israel ceased their sojourn in Egypt

Exo 12:43-50 {s} The ordinance of the Passover
Exo 12:51 {p} YHVH brought Israel out of Egypt

Exo 13:1-10 {p} Ordinance of the firstborn + Unleavened Bread
Exo 13:11-16 {p} Ordinance of the firstborn a sign to future generations
Exo 13:17-22 {p} God led them Himself in a pillar of cloud and fire
Exo 14:1-14 {p} Pharaoh pursues Israel + Israel complains + the Lord’s assurance of deliverance
Exo 14:15-25 {p} The Red Sea divided; Israel goes through on dry ground
Exo 14:26-31 {p} The Lord overthrew the Egyptians in the midst of the sea

Exo 15:1 {s} Song of Moses + Sing to YHVH, for He has triumphed gloriously!
Exo 15:2 {s} YHVH has become my salvation
Exo 15:3 {s} YHVH is a man of war
Exo 15:4 {s} He has cast Pharaoh’s army into the sea
Exo 15:5 {s} The depths of the sea have covered them
Exo 15:6 {s} YHVH’s right hand glorious in power + dashed the enemy in pieces
Exo 15:7 {s} YHVH overthrew His enemy by the greatness of His power
Exo 15:8 {s} YHVH made the waters stand upright
Exo 15:9 {s} The enemy said I will pursue and destroy them
Exo 15:10 {s} YHVH made the waters cover them
Exo 15:11 {s} Who is like YHVH glorious in holiness fearful in praises doing wonders
Exo 15:12 {s} YHVH’s right hand caused the earth to swallow them
Exo 15:13 {s} in mercy YHVH has led forth His people whom He has redeemed
Exo 15:14 {s} Philistia will be in anguish
Exo 15:15 {s} Edom, Moab and Canaan will be dismayed
Exo 15:16 {s} They will be in dread till the redeemed of Israel pass over
Exo 15:17 {s} YHVH will plant Israel in His established place
Exo 15:18 {s} YHVH shall reign forever and ever
Exo 15:19 {p} Egyptians drowned in the sea + Israel went on dry land in the sea

Exo 15:20-21 {s} Dance of Miriam + Sing to YHVH, for He has triumphed gloriously!
Exo 15:22-26 {s} Israel complained of no water + waters of Marah (bitterness) made sweet
Exo 15:27-16:3 {s} Israel complained of no bread
Exo 16:4-10 {p} YHVH answered that He will provide bread from heaven

Exo 16:11-27 {s} YHVH provides manna + Sabbath rest commandment
Exo 16:28-36 {p} The Sabbath rest is YHVH’s commandment + memorial of manna

Exo 17:1-7 {p} YHVH provides water from the rock at Massah and Meribah
Exo 17:8-13 {p} Amalek fought with Israel + Joshua defeated Amalek
Exo 17:14-16 {p} YHVH will have war with Amalek from generation to generation
Exo 18:1-27 {p} YHVH is greater than all the gods

Exo 19:1-25 {s} YHVH descended upon Mt Sinai in fire, to enact the marriage covenant with Israel
Exo 20:1 {s} And God spoke all these words, saying
Exo 20:2-6 {s} Israel shall have no gods before YHVH
Exo 20:7 {p} Israel shall not take the name of YHVH in vain

Exo 20:8-11 {s} Remember the Sabbath day to set it apart
Exo 20:12 {s} Honor your father and mother
Exo 20:13 {s} You shall not murder
Exo 20:14 {s} You shall not commit adultery
Exo 20:15 {s} You shall not steal
Exo 20:16 {s} You shall not bear false witness
Exo 20:17a {s} You shall not covet your neighbor’s house
Exo 20:17b {p} You shall not covet anything that is your neighbor’s

Exo 20:18-21 {s} The fear of God prevents us from sinning (breaking commandment)
Exo 20:22-26 {p} Explanation of ‘Have no gods before Me.’

Exo 21:1-6 {s} Conditions for a Hebrew male slave to go out free
Exo 21:7-11 {s} Conditions for a Hebrew female slave to go out free
Exo 21:12-13 {s} Manslaughter is not murder
Exo 21:14 {s} Murder receives the death penalty
Exo 21:15 {s} Striking father or mother receives the death penalty
Exo 21:16 {s} Kidnapping receives the death penalty
Exo 21:17 {s} Cursing father or mother receives the death penalty
Exo 21:18-19 {s} Assault of a neighbor when he does not die
Exo 21:20-21 {s} Assault of a male or female slave when he does or does not die
Exo 21: 22-25 {s} Assault of a woman with child when the child does or does not die
Exo 21:26-27 {p} Conditions for male or female slaves to go out free

Exo 21:28-32 {s} Restitution when an ox gores a person to death
Exo 21:33-34 {s} Restitution when a pit causes the death of an animal
Exo 21:35-36 {s} Restitution when an ox causes the death of an animal
Exo 22:1-4 {s} Restitution when a theft is discovered
Exo 22:5 {s} Restitution when an animal feeds in another man’s field
Exo 22:6 {s} Restitution when fire destroys a harvest
Exo 22:7-9 {s} Restitution when goods are lost from a neighbor’s safe- keeping
Exo 22:10-13 {p} Restitution when goods are destroyed from a neighbor’s safe- keeping

Exo 22:14-15 {s} Restitution when goods are borrowed
Exo 22:16-17 {s} Restitution when a virgin is seduced
Exo 22:18-19 {s} Sorceress = death penalty + lying with animals = death penalty
Exo 22:20-24 {p} Idolaters + afflicters of strangers, widows, orphans = utterly destroyed

Exo 22:25-27 {s} Not coveting interest or collateral from your neighbor
Exo 22:28-31 {s} Not coveting what belongs to God
Exo 23:1-3 {s} Not bearing false witness
Exo 23:4 {s} Return your enemy’s ox or donkey
Exo 23:5 {s} Relieve your enemy’s donkey’s burden
Exo 23:6-19 {p} Pervert justice + oppress strangers + Sabbath rest + not naming other gods + harvest feasts

Exo 23:20-25 {s} The Angel of YHVH will go before them in the way to Canaan
Exo 23:26-33 {p} What YHVH will do to bring them in

Exo 24:1-11 {s} Moses ratified the covenant between God and His people
Exo 24:12-18 {p} Moses went into the cloud to receive the Torah

Exo 25:1-9 {s} The offering commanded to build the Tabernacle
Exo 25:10-22 {p} The pattern for the ark of the covenant

Exo 25:23-30 {p} The pattern for the table of showbread

Exo 25:31-40 {s} The pattern for the golden lampstand
Exo 26:1-14 {p} The pattern for the curtains and coverings of the Tabernacle

Exo 26:15-30 {s} The pattern for the frame of the Tabernacle
Exo 26:31-37 {s} The pattern for the veil + placement of ark, table, lampstand + screen
Exo 27:1-8 {s} The pattern for the altar
Exo 27:9-19 {s} The pattern for the outer court
Exo 27:20-21 {s} Oil for the lampstand + tending of the lampstand’s light
Exo 28:1-5 {p} Aaron and his sons as priests + their holy garments

Exo 28:6-12 {s} The pattern for the ephod
Exo 28:13-14 {s} The pattern for the chain and settings of gold
Exo 28:15-30 {s} The pattern for the breastplate
Exo 28:31-35 {s} The pattern for the robe of blue
Exo 28:36-43 {s} The pattern for the crown, turban, tunic, sash, tunics + hats for Aaron’s sons + consecrate them + linen trousers
Exo 29:1-37 {s} Instructions for the service of consecration
Exo 29:38-46 {p} Continual burnt offerings for the altar

Exo 30:1-10 {p} The pattern for the altar of incense
Exo 30:11-16 {p} The atonement money for the Tabernacle
Exo 30:17-21 {p} The pattern for the laver of bronze

Exo 30:22-33 {s} The pattern for the holy anointing oil
Exo 30:34-38 {s} The pattern for the holy incense
Exo 31:1-11 {p} Bezalel + Aholiab called and gifted to make the Tabernacle

Exo 31:12-17 {s} The Sabbath commandment
Exo 31:18-32:6 {p} Aaron and the people make the golden calf

Exo 32:7-14 {p} The sin of Israel + the mediation of Moses + the appeasement of the Lord’s wrath

Exo 32:15-35 {s} Moses and the Levites restrained the sin of the people + the mediation of Moses
Exo 33:1-11 {p} The bad news: the Lord will not go up with them/ Moses made his personal tent the tabernacle of meeting

Exo 33:12-16 {p} My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest
Exo 33:17-23 {p} Plea of Moses: Show me Your glory
Exo 34:1-26 {p} The renewal of the covenant

Exo 34:27-35 {s} The 2nd set of tablets + Moses’ face shown with the glory of the Lord he had seen
Exo 35:1-3 {p} Work shall be done on six days, but the seventh is the Sabbath of rest

Exo 35:4-29 {p} Freewill offering for the work of the tabernacle commanded + children of Israel brought

Exo 35:30-36:7 {s} Beztalel and artisans called to do the work + received what the children of Israel brought
Exo 36:8-13 {p} He made the fine linen curtains for the tabernacle

Exo 36:14-19 {s} He made the goats’ hair + rams’ skins dyed red + seals’ skins coverings for the tabernacle
Exo 36:20-38 {p} He made the boards + sockets + bars/ veil/ screen for the door and its pillars

Exo 37:1-9 {p} He made the ark of the covenant and the mercy seat

Exo 37:10-16 {p} He made the table of showbread and its utensils

Exo 37:17-24 {p} He made the lampstand and its utensils

Exo 37:25-29 {s} He made the altar of incense + utensils + anointing oil + incense
Exo 38:1-7 {s} He made the altar of burnt offering + utensils
Exo 38:8 {s} He made the laver of bronze and its base
Exo 38:9-20 {s} He made the hangings + pillars + sockets + screen of the gate for the outer court
Exo 38:21-23 {s} The inventory for the tabernacle + Bezalel made all that the Lord commanded Moses
Exo 38:24-39:1 {p} The gold, silver, bronze for the tabernacle + blue, purple, scarlet thread for garments of ministry

Exo 39:2-5 {s} He made the ephod
Exo 39:6-7 {p} He made the shoulders of the ephod

Exo 39:8-21 {p} He made the breastplate

Exo 39:22-26 {s} He made the robe
Exo 39:27-29 {s} He made the tunics, turbans, and sashes
Exo 39:30-31 {s} He made the crown
Exo 39:32 {p} All the work of the tabernacle was finished

Exo 39:33-43 {p} They brought the tabernacle to Moses + Moses looked over all the work + done according to the commandment

Exo 40:1-16 {s} Erect the tabernacle on the first day of the first month + so Moses did
Exo 40:17-19 {s} On the first day of the first month, Moses set up the tabernacle
Exo 40:20-21 {s} He put the tablets into the ark, brought the ark in, hung the veil, and partitioned it
Exo 40:22-23 {s} He set up the table of showbread and put the bread in order on it
Exo 40:24-25 {s} He set up the lampstand and lit the lamps before the Lord
Exo 40:26-27 {s} He set up the golden altar of incense and burned incense on it
Exo 40:28-29 {s} He set up the screen of the Holy Place, the altar of burnt offering, and offered
Exo 40:30-32 {s} He set up the bronze laver and washed and Aaron and sons washed
Exo 40:33 {p} He raised up the outer court and hung up the screen + Moses finished the work

Exo 40:34-38 {p} The cloud and the glory covered and filled the Tabernacle + directed their journey


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