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book of romans chiastic structure

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The entire book of Romans forms a single elegant chiastic structure. This is more than just a man answering a series of questions from one of his churches. This is the Holy Spirit of God placing His thumbprint on this Word so that we would know that it is His Word, thus saith the Lord:

1a) Rom 1:1-6, Introduction:
— 1) Rom 1:1, Apostle separated to the gospel of God;
— 2) Rom 1:2-4, Which He promised before through His prophets/ Scriptures concerning Jesus Christ;
— 3) Rom 1:5-6, Through whom we have received grace for obedience to the faith among all nations;
1b) Rom 1:7, Greeting;
1c) Rom 1:8-15, Paul’s ministry and past plans;
1d) Rom 1:16-3:31, Man deserves wrath but instead God has revealed His mercy in Jesus Christ;
1e) Rom 4:1-25, The promises made to the fathers reveal justification by faith;
1f) Rom 5:1-21, God has received us;
1g) Rom 6:1-23, Do not continue in sin;
1h) Rom 7:1-8:30, Righteous requirement of the Law fulfilled by walking in the Spirit not the flesh;
1i) Rom 8:31-39, God loves us in Jesus Christ;
central axis) Rom 9:1-11:32, God accomplishes the salvation of the world, both Gentile and Jew;
2i) Rom 12:1-13:8a, Practical application of the command to love one another;
2h) Rom 13:8b-10, Love the fulfillment of the Law;
2g) Rom 13:11-14, Cast off the works of darkness, put on the Lord Jesus Christ;
2f) Rom 14:1-15:7, Receive one another;
2e) Rom 15:8, Jesus Christ confirms the promises made to the fathers;
2d) Rom 15:9-13, That the Gentiles might glorify God for His mercy;
2c) Rom 15:14-33, Paul’s ministry and future plans;
2b) Rom 16:1-24, Greetings;
2a) Rom 16:25-27, Benediction:
— 1) Established according to my gospel and the preaching of Jesus Christ
— 2) The revelation of the mystery now made manifest by the prophetic Scriptures
— 3) Made known to all nations for obedience to the faith.


2 responses to “book of romans chiastic structure

  1. Christy Weum Wednesday 8 July 2015 at 5:11 pm

    Hello Christine, I came upon your blog while searching for images to create a PowerPoint template for Romans. After seeing many images, the one I think would be perfect for our church is the image you have on this page: (hand with quill overlayed with Romans). Do you own this image or do you know where I might find it? Also, I am very excited to read more from your blog, too! Thank you so much.

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