christine's bible study

The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever. Isa 40:8

toward 2014

I apologize that posting has been spotty recently. My husband suffered a life- threatening emergency Thanksgiving week, and we spent some time in the hospital as a result. Thankfully his life was spared, and I am very grateful for that. He is home recovering now, and it is going to be a while before he can return to his normal life. I am doing my best to care for him, and in the mean time while he is unable to return to his job, I am putting in extra hours to hopefully make up the shortfall.

I am still studying my Bible every day as I have done for the past 47 years. I have not always had the time in the past month, to get my notes coherently written up and posted … but I am trying. These daily postings are a priority for me, right under my relationship with God and the care of my husband.

My original plan was to finish going through the New Testament by the end of 2013, and then spend some time in the Psalms and Proverbs in 2014, along with the weekly Torah postings. I think I can get through the end of Hebrews by the end of the year … and am thinking about saving Peter, James, and John for another time. A meaty study of Revelation is already posted. We will begin in Psalms and Proverbs in January, Lord willing, and perhaps fill in here and there with Peter, James, and John, and whatever topical studies the Lord leads me to. :) I would be honored to have you join with me in the study for the new year. :)


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